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Thread: keyboard movement not working in browser

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    keyboard movement not working in browser

    Hi everyone,

    Im working on a game where the movement is controlled by keyboard keys. It works in flash 'test movie' and DID work in a browser preview but now it doesnt. The keys just dont work on an HTML preview.

    Any ideas whats going on?

    Many thanks,

    Pete M

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    it might sound stupid, but have u clicked the swf with your mouse before trying to hit the keyboard???


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    In other words, does the movie & keyboard have focus?


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    after having 'focushhhhhh' drilled into me for the last 3 years at uni by my lecturer you would have thought that I would have done that!!

    Thanks guys,

    another problem (sorry - still a bit of an actionscript newbie)

    I have 3 randomly generated movieclips (duplicated)

    I have 2 movieclips i want to hittest against each other.
    The 'baddie' should die (ie: disappear) and the hero should lose 25 of his health. This works for 2 of the clips but not for the first one, where the health is lost as long as the clips are in contact.....

    anyone (please!)

    Pete M

    ps: as an afterthought - I am shooting bullets at the 'baddies'. when the bullet has hit a baddie I need it to disappear so it cant hit more......

    thanks again

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