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Thread: Import a .swf sound file

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    Import a .swf sound file

    Hi all and happy new year,

    I downloaded a soundloop from flashkit in .swf "data7.swf" I can hear it when I play it with the flash player but when I import it in my animation I can't.
    This is what I putted in my actionscript window at the beginning of the animation :"loadMovieNum("data7.swf", 66);"
    and I also putted the data7.swf file in the folder of my animation and in the library. I dont know what's going wrong.

    I also downloaded the mp3 version and imported it as an .swf in my animation. It works but the loop isn't going right.

    Thanks for helping me.


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    Do you have the data7.fla? If the sound uses attachSound code to play it in the swf, it won't play when imported. You need to open the fla and change the attachSound line. And you don't need the swf in your library if your loading it.

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