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Thread: more about posting

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    more about posting

    yes I know about FTP and web space
    I am asking about :
    1)what do i need to export from flash to upload to the server
    2)If i export only the swf file ... will it work?
    3)I used once the export html command...and i generated something very small...and i had no library ... what ?

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    Yes(for number 2, it will work with only SWF), if you only export the swf it will work, use Publish instead of export, HTML just tells the size of the SWF on the screen, if you don't have the HTML the SWF will come out stretched out to fit the users full screen... If you make an HTML you have to upload both HTML document and the SWF document.
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    When you publish your movie a swf file and an html document are automatically created with the same name as your fla. The html document contains the code for embedding your swf.

    You need to upload both your swf file and the html document to your webspace, keeping them both in the same folder.

    If you only upload your swf file, yes it will work but will display your movie at 100% width and height.

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