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Thread: Change allowed Idle Time for disconnect?

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    Change allowed Idle Time for disconnect?

    I'm pretty certain the setting for this is in one of the XML files, but I'm uncertain as to which one, and which param. :P

    Currently, my users log on, and if they're idle for too long, FCS disconnects them. Before I attempt to build an automatic relogin script for disconnects, I'm just wondering if I can set the server to allow a user to be connected and idle all day if necessary.


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    Actually this is a bug of FCS, and you MUST build a work around for it. It's not so much that they are idle and get disconnected, it can also be that they are idle, not disconnected but it seems like they are disconnected. Then, when they really disconnect, FCS doesn't realize it... Something basic is fine, you only need to send data back to the server to let it know that the user is still there. I usually just use the date object so that the data is always different.

    As for changing the idle time of the app, look in the application.xml file (which you can set for every single app on your server) and change the <MaxAppIdleTime>12000000</MaxAppIdleTime> tag. Why is mine so high?? because I also don't want my users disconnected.. but this doesn't solve the connected but not connected bug as I explained above..

    maybe ver 2?
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