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Thread: Winners of the Flashkit members´ choice Game AWARDS 2003

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    Winners of the Flashkit members´ choice Game AWARDS 2003

    Hey there all,i just finished counting the votes,so here are the winners (fanfares in the background):

    (for all who missed em,you can review the nominees (with urls) here:
    but now back to the winners

    -most addicting complete flash game
    -fourth place:
    jammed again and the jbj sisters both with 12 points
    -third place:
    cave racer with 13 points
    -second place:
    2k with 20 points
    and the winner in most addicting complete flash game is....
    Heli Attack2 with insane 40 points!

    -most innovative complete flash game:
    -fourth with 13 points: twiddlestix
    -third with 22 points: samorost
    -second with 25 points: fast froots
    and the winner in most innovative complete flash game is....
    kart racer with 30 points!

    -most impressive game engine (unfinished game):
    -fourth: marmotte´s fighting game engine (12 points)
    -third: krillM´s OBJ engine (13 points)
    -second: percypea´s engine with 39 points
    and first in the category most impressive game engine is...
    Strille´s jump´n´run engine with incredible 44 points!

    -best graphic artist:
    -fourth: squize with 8 points
    -third: orisinal,16 points
    -two second places,marmotte and blink,both having 21 points

    and the winner in best graphic artist is...
    daydream with hilarious 53 points!!!

    -best flash game development team:
    -fourth: etxrajetzt with 4 points
    -third: 2k team with 5 points
    -two second places: squarecircleco and 1c1p with 28 points
    -and the winner in best flash game devlopment team is:..
    kazoowee with 35 points

    -best flash game development related application:
    -fourth:scite flash (6 points)
    -third: squize´s tile ed and swift 3d (xpress),both with 7 points
    -second:mappy and flash plugin switcher,both with 8 points
    and the winner in the field best flash game devlopment related application is:
    screenweaver with 24 points

    -best flash game programmer (one man):
    -fourth: tomsamson with 13 points
    -third: pred with 14 points
    -second:squize with 17 points
    and the award in the category best flash game programmer 2003 goes to:
    Strille! (23 points)

    Winners will receive their award badge and a summary of the comments they received from the members once i´m finished with the summaries

    Charging from the viewscount the both award threads had,i think there was quite some interest for them,so i guess the low number of voters may be a result of the way in which i handled voting (having to write all votes down,voting openly),maybe i´ll set up a little poll system next year (although i like the idea that the candidates get some cheering words from the community =) )
    Congrats to all Winners!,
    and thanks for creating such great stuff and making the flash community and flash development move forward and let the world know what flash can be used for (besides animations,websites and rich internet applications)!
    Also thanks to all who participated in the nomination and voting threads and also to those who didn´t get on fourth place in a categorey or got missed out in the nomination phase but still contributed so much to the community (i´m looking in tonypa´s direction to make an example ).

    Hope everyone had fun with this and we´ll have even beter candidates to vote for next time
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    A huge well done to everyone who won, all really deserving winners, and all perfect examples of why our little games community is so good.

    I'd really like to thank everyone who voted for me and 1c1p. Even though it's only a bit of fun, it's still great to have your peers and people you repect voting for you and liking your work ( Although 2nd place in the coder section ??? C'mon guys, that's just silly and not deserved at all )

    I think the major upset was dayDream winning best artist. I really didn't see that one coming

    I'm totally with Tom's view regards the voting, I really thought that a lot more people would have voted. It's quite suprising that so many regulars here didn't... It would be a pity for it just to have been a zero effort poll.

    Anyway, thanks again, well done to the winners and a massive thanks to Tom for putting it all together and running it so smoothly.


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    Untitled-1.fla strille's Avatar
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    Wow. Thanks everyone who voted for my game engine!

    I don't take the best flash game programmer award that seriously since everyone in that category is very talented, and this time I got singled out. But it's nice to be recognized of course. Congratulations to the the other winners.

    tom, looking forward to the award badge

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    Senior Member Kirill M.'s Avatar
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    Wow, I made it into the winners list. I'm so honored! Congratulations to everyone who is listed here and who was nominated in the other thread. Great job by all.


    Now, I would like to thank the Academy... You people are all great and I love you all!... What do you mean my time is up? Hey, where are you dragging me?!

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    congrats everyone!!!

    just dont start with the speeches like kirill

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    Yah... congratualtions...

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    2KHeroes / Sylvaniah designer luxregina's Avatar
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    Hey ! exciting !

    Thank you everybody, of course for your votes, 2K would have never existed without Flashkit support, but mostly, thank to all contestants : making such quality and addictive games creates passion, draws attention to flash capabilities and raise the quality bars

    I am happy that i discovered Flashkit a while ago : it gave me the true meaning and benefits of the word "emulation"

    Thanks again !


    ( looking forward the little things to put on the website too )

    EDIT : emulation, in french, means the synergy created between people working on the same thing, it is positive ( just to clarify in case the word has a different meaning in english )

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    at the rink
    congrats to everyone!

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    -= phil =- d3s_inc's Avatar
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    Good job everyone!

    .. so, DayDream gets to win all his own pics ...

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    DOT-INVADER marmotte's Avatar
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    Originally posted by d3s_inc
    Good job everyone!

    .. so, DayDream gets to win all his own pics ...

    btw thanks tom for your awesome work with the votes... and thanks all, simply...

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    Heli Attack! iopred's Avatar
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    Congrats to everyone who won, and especially, to everyone who was nominated, and even further, to everyone who makes FlashKit the thriving community it is today.

    Thankyou for voting HA2 the most addictive game, its really amazing to have something you've worked so hard on appreciated in the way that HA2 has been.

    Thanks again, and thanks for all my other votes (second in teams, third in programmer) they were unexpected! (I had in my mind that noone remembers me =)

    Again, congratulations to all the other winners.
    Christopher Rhodes

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    Congratulations to all the winners!
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    Flash hates me. crashlanding's Avatar
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    congratualtions! i think everyone deserved what they got, and if heliattack hadnt won the most addictive game that wuld of been a big shock to me...
    "wen i found my gerbil dead my other gerbil was eating it i just cried and screamed"

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    Congratulations to everyone who won. Thouroughly deserved

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    Senior Member tonypa's Avatar
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    Grats for everyone in the top places, you have deserved it

    Of course for your next projects, you cant lower the level anymore.

    I hope next year we will have even more and even better games to choose from. I would also think if Flashkit could promote the idea a little next time (perhaps placing link on the homepage or in the newsletter), it might get wider response.

    And thanks Tom for making this happen

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    Monkey Jam
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    Congrats to the winners and nominees.

    I feel inspired to get something up by the end of this year( ED: yeah, like maybe one platform game ).


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    Reality: what a concept !
    Congrats to everyone!
    Looking for something different? Check out Tuti TV at http://www.tuti.tv/

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    I'm feeling supersonic kdsh7's Avatar
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    A late reply but better late than never A big thanks to everyone who took part, and who spent the past year making great games for us to waste time with! It's disappointing that more people didn't vote, but as an inaugural awards things are looking bloody fantastic for next year!

    A big round of applause to Tom who has proved, without needing to, why making him a mod was such a good idea.

    Long may we all at flashkit gotoAndPlay() !

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    Closer to u then u think
    Congrats to all, just like everyone else is saying you all deserved where you are.

    A big thanks to Tom for the great choice awards. Very successful and hope to see another ending the year 2004.
    A young mind is more knowledgable then a mind corrupted and blinded by society.

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    yep,it was a sweet contest,glad everyone had a nice time with it =)
    squize just told me bout this japanese(?) blog which featured all entries/winners with screens and ratings:

    the babblefish translation says it writes
    "Most human work wandering FlashGame"
    about heli2,cool!

    and it also says:
    "it is lovely modelling 3d"
    "in tv game flat bed upper it is quick"
    about kart racer
    isn´t that awesome?

    bubblefish is always good for a fun reading =)
    anyway,liked it a lot to see the contest featured in such a nice way =)

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