(Also posted in Actionscript but it seemed nobody there was able to come up with a solution to this 'challanging' problem ;-)

I need to make six large (2000 x 400) movies each containing about 250 text-buttons (or rather: MC’s that behave like buttons). I’d like to generate these MC’s from a textfile that contains all variables. No problem, you’d say: just generate the buttons dynamically.

But here’s the knack: I do not want to generate these MC’s at runtime in the SWF, but have them available as Symbols in the Library so I can position them by hand on the Stage. The latter is important because the 250 text-buttons (MC’s) will be part of a complex composition - something that I need to create on sight.
Simply put: I need a procedure that will just batch-create MC’s from a textfile and put them in the Library so I can position and, if necessary, edit them in a FLA.

From the include-textfile I can read/cut-out/declare these variables:

region = “myregion”
text = “mytext”
style = “mystyle”
mover = value that defines the width of the highlight-area on mouseover.
link = “mylink”

This should add the following MC to the Library:

MC_name = “myregion” &”_”& “mytext” (i.e.: AFRIKA_Mandela)
MC_text = “mytext”
MC_textpositionX = 0 (default position of txt within the MC)
MC_textpositionY = 0 (default position of txt within the MC)
MC_textstyle = “mystyle” (refers to a separately defined style in Flash)
MC_mouseoverstyle = mouseover&“mystyle” (ditto)
MC_mouseoverareaX = value of “mover”
MC_mouseoverareaY = 12 (default height of highlight area)
MC_registration = topleft (default)
MC_action = on (press) {getURL("javascript: setItem(“mylink”)");}

You can see what the problem is: I need to create a timeline with hundreds of persons whose names vary in size (so no default-sized buttons). When the user moves his/her mouse over a names, an ‘age-bar’ of the person highlights. When they click the person, a pop-up HTML-window with the biography is shown through the javascript action.

I know it’s tricky to create these MC’s from a textfile (some complex action with loops and imports probably), but I’m sure it can be done. I remember reading a post describing the procedure some time ago, but cannot find it anymore.

Any suggestions how to go about this?