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Thread: Browser not showin all dynamic text/Centering Flash movie

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    Browser not showin all dynamic text/Centering Flash movie

    Hi! I got two questions and would be thankful for any help!

    1 I've made a piece of dynamic text which looks great on the stage. However, when I preview it only the left side of the box is visible on the screen. If I change the text to static, the whole text is visible, but then again that's not what I want because the text looks blurry and can't be highlighted.

    2. How do I assure that the Flash movie is centered in the middle of a web-page? In chose 'center' in the 'flash adjustment' box in publising setting but that didn't do anything as far as I can see...

    Thanks beforehand!


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    1. I would check the dimensions on the text box. Also make sure that you have Multi Line Word wrap checked.

    2. I usually use tables in the HTML to accomplish this.

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