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Thread: input box formatting

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    input box formatting

    i have a tag-board on my site (www.dyjytyl.com). the first 2 input boxes (name and url/email) are formatted, including the text which i believe is verdana, or some type of sans-serif text. the final input box (message), however, has some type of serify-looking text. i played around with this for a while and coudln't get anywhere.

    anyone know how i can format that final input box to display the same-looking text as the first 2 input boxes?

    thank you,


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    You don't have the font formatted the same for the final input box as you do for the rest of them. Take a look at the code and just make the last one match the others.

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    checked the html code, all three buttons use the same code..

    <input name="tagname" maxlength="20" STYLE="color:#0099FF; background: #0F0F20; border: none">
    <input name="tagurl" maxlength="100" STYLE="color:#0099FF; background: #0F0F20; border: none">
    <textarea cols="18" rows="3" name="message" wrap STYLE="color:#0099FF; background:#0F0F20; border:none"></textarea>
    there are no <font> tags outside of that code that affect the input box's font. anyone have any ideas?

    thanks in advance

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