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Thread: Help me with scrolling a movie clip

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    Help me with scrolling a movie clip

    ***Never mind I solved it,, well more or less**
    Ive put a movieclip on the main timeline. The movieclip is way to long for the width of that flash so I thought of making two buttons.
    < and > when clicking on the > button the movie clip will play forward. And when clicking on the < button the movie will play backwards. This is a dumb way to scroll a movie clip im sure.

    The thing is that id like to place the two buttons in that movie clip and not the timeline. If I use the x and y thingy wont the buttons scroll also??

    Can someone help me out with theese buttons. How would the code look like if I want to scroll a movie clip from left to right and from right to left.

    Something I found:
    When the button is clicked its supposed to play a certain movie clip, and not the main timeline. Dont know how you do this. Lets say I have put a movie clip on the main timeline called rightbutton and want to play it. Is this correct.

    I guess I have to put the button in a movie clip also and then put that in the main timeline. In that movieclip(where the button is)I do something like this.
    First frame and the only one.

    Dont know much actionscript and i guess ++ doesnt work and maybe flash doesnt know what xpos is either.

    Hope the above makes any sense and I dont look like a complete fool.

    Hope I can get some help in here.

    ***Never mind I solved it,, well more or less**
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