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Thread: masks and hue

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    masks and hue

    i was wondering if you could mask an image and somehow change its hue. when you change the tint, it changes the blacks and the whites also. if you change the hue... you can just affect the colour without touching the blacks and whites

    let me know if you guys have any ideas, thanks

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    well, I don't think it's possible to change the hue in Flash, but here's a tip:

    create a duplicate of the image and change the hue in any image editing app, import it, mask it over the original and fluctuate the alpha channel to make it seem as if the image's hue is changing.

    that's the best idea i've got so far.
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    Turn the image into a movie clip then select advanced from the color tab in the properties menu i think thats what you're looking for...

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