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Thread: menu idea, can't get the concept down!

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    menu idea, can't get the concept down!

    I have an idea for a menu and I'm sure its been done before but I can't find any examples or figure it out. I've spent countless horus on this.

    OK, here's what I'm trying to get:

    Say there are 4 buttons, I want to click on any of them and have it go to first location. If you click on the second one for example, the first button would go to the second ones place. If you click the 3rd button, button 1 and 2, would move up to postion 2 and 3 and the original button would now have postion 1.

    I am able to get the button travel to the first location and I can't swap between two buttons easily. But if more than 2 I cannont figure it out.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    like this?

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