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Thread: 16-bit Transparency Ghosting Problem - Nothing fixing it

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    16-bit Transparency Ghosting Problem - Nothing fixing it

    For the life of me I can't get transparency to be invisible. I've tried everything to no avail in the TechNote and posts. A ghostly semi-transparent white box is behind all of my buttons individually at 16-bit. My webpage has a background image that they are showing through on.


    Basically, I want my top nav buttons to show plain text, and the mouse over effects to kick in from an invisible squared out area around the text, otherwise it freaks out trying to kick in the mouse over on just the lines of text themselves.

    Any thoughts?


    Here is the TechNote article that I haven't been able to make any difference. http://www.macromedia.com/support/fl...aps.htm#issues

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    ok try this.

    If youre working with an 800 x 600 pixels canvas size in flash.
    then you must create a blank image with the same size (800x600).
    save it in PNG 24 transparent in photoshop.
    Now here's the trick. if you save a blank file, it will automaticaly turns it into solid white once you import it in flash and that is what we don't want to happen.
    Here's what we gonna do, put atleast 1x1 pixel object anywere in the canvas then save it (png24 transparent).

    then go back to your flash file and create a new layer, then import the BLANK PNG FILE. Make sure it is centered.

    your 800x600 png file will serve as a huge white-ghosting.

    the white ghosting is still there but somehow we managed to elimenate the croping mark.

    I hope this idea will work for your problem.

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    use the hitArea frame of your button.


    if your not using the button class :
    swap out that alpha 0 square for a square MovieClip alpha 100, then use the my_mc.hitArea property to set the hit area of the button to the square clip.then set your squares _visible to false
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    I've seen this debated numerous times and developers
    have told MM over and over that Alpha 0% should be invisible.


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