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Thread: How Many Web Services?

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    How Many Web Services?

    I am building an app that connects to a FLAP (perl) web service and I have finished the basic logon movie and it works!! So I connect to a remote db and pass a username and password to it, the web service replys with data if there is a match. Simple.

    My next mission is to begin the layout of the services and how they present themselves to Flash.

    Currently I have one service but I think that I should break it apart as much as posible. So would I need seperate swf's for each service?

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    this really depends on how you want to present your services, and what each individual service is. normally almost anything you could do with multiple swf's you can do with one, but you also get the problem of having to download everything before being able to use it. so it might be better to use seperate swf's if users would only want to look at one or two services, and these swf's were quite large. if however the files would be relatively small, and viewers would want to view all services, one swf might be better.
    hope all this helps
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