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Thread: Quoting this HUGE Flash Project - How to?

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    Quoting this HUGE Flash Project - How to?

    I was wondering if there are any websites that give you an idea of how to quote for big database driven flash projects? We just got a call from a big company with a big database driven flash project and I'm not really sure what the going rate is on this stuff...we usually just quote off of our normal hourly rate based on how long it would take us, but can we quote higher than this or not?

    Anyone out there do this kind of project at all on a regular basis?

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    I think this is the wrong section to post this question to. But, in my experience, what companies pay for this type of thing varies wildly. It depends on so many factors. How robust is the team going to be that is working on it? A seperate designer, planner, backend guy, programmer, audio. Or is it a one or two man operation? How picky are they? Is it going to be a 1 revision thing or a 2 month adjustment phase? Also take into account the complexity of the project. Is it something a lot of people could put together or does it involve a lot of custom development?

    I've seen sites before that try to outline how much things should cost. But, I think they do it just to get hits on a webpage. After all, it's a market and nobody can really set the bar for what it should cost. That is, unless this kind of work ever becomes unionized (but thats another topic).

    Sorry I couldn't be of more definite help. In situations like this, I think a good strategy is to ask the client to make an offer that they would be comfortable with. Then you can calculate how many hours you can justify for that amount and generally what you can afford to deliver.

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