I have this flash file I'm working on that won't be streamed off the web - it will be used in an interactive CD-ROM. I have a dynamic sliding menu that works great but it just suffers from a very SLIGHT choppiness that I'm hoping to eliminate. You can check out the file here (downloading and viewing is recommended):


The script being used to animate the icons is shown below. It might not make much sense but for these purposes it probably doesn't need to:

if (_ymouse > graybox._y) {
	// get cursor distance from center
	cursorDistanceFromCenter = _root._xmouse - (Stage.width/2);  // could be 400 to -400
	if (cursorDistanceFromCenter > cursorLimit) {
		cursorDistanceFromCenter = cursorLimit;
	} else if (cursorDistanceFromCenter < -cursorLimit) {
		cursorDistanceFromCenter = -cursorLimit;
	// set first element's position
	this[iconArray[0]]._x = this[iconArray[0]]._x + (cursorDistanceFromCenter * iconSpeed);
	// adjust all other icons to the first's position
	for (var i=1; i<iconArray.length; i++) {
		this[iconArray[i]]._x = this[iconArray[0]]._x + (iconSpacing * i);
	// move icons from either end
	if (cursorDistanceFromCenter < 0) {
		// moving left
		if (this[iconArray[0]]._x < -((iconArray.length/2) * iconSpacing)) {
			this[iconArray[0]]._x = this[iconArray[iconArray.length-1]]._x + iconSpacing;
			var mcName = iconArray[0];
	} else if (cursorDistanceFromCenter > 0) {
		// moving right
		if (this[iconArray[iconArray.length-1]]._x > (((iconArray.length/2)) * iconSpacing)) {
			this[iconArray[iconArray.length-1]]._x = this[iconArray[0]]._x - iconSpacing;
			var mcName = iconArray[iconArray.length-1];
That script is triggered on a constant loop. Right now the movie is set at 60 frames per second. I tried moving the fps down to 30 secs. It helps somewhat, but the problem is still there. The icons just move slower. Anyone have any advice on how to make these slide without the inherent "glitchiness"?