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Thread: Linking Project files to EXE files

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    Linking Project files to EXE files

    I am creating a Flash Projector front end to a Photo CD and have links within the flash.exe file to load my diferent photo albums which are all .exe files.

    How do I create the link to load these albums.

    I have tried the following.

    on (release) {
    fscommand ("exec", "zoo.exe");

    zoo being the name of one of my albums.

    This doesnt seem to work

    Can anyone please shed some light on the problem of mine.

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    Trouble using FS Command "exec" in a Flash Projector is number 4 on the top 5 list of problems people have with Flash MX, so if it's any comfort, you are not alone

    Macromedia has the answer here:

    I've written it down in a bit more detail along with some history and other facts about Flash projectors at http://www.beyondflash.com/content/ch05.htm

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