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Thread: Open pdf on CD from flash?

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    I don't see using the word "***" as swearing - I've seen much worse on this board in the past. By editing out what I wrote your making it seem like I used much worse words - you're a clever guy northcode, you know what you're doing...

    I can't give you blood which is what you seem to be after. Yes, I made a mistake with EXEC which DOES require a bat file but the code I provided was using getURL which DOES WORK.

    I'll shut up and move on now...
    Last edited by Northcode; 03-05-2004 at 07:09 PM.

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    I try and edit stuff out when I see it. I don't catch everything. I've seen people say things like "that kick's ***", but they don't often call people *** kissers, as you did. The difference is in the intent. Do you know anyone that would NOT be offended if you called them that?

    Why do you people it's okay to say things online that they would never say to someone in person? I guess you don't have to be afraid of swallowing teeth online.

    Nobody ever said that getURL wouldn't work. XcVbSdRw said that EXEC wouldn't work and you kept saying that it would. I tried to get EXEC to work with a PDF file and couldn't. I thought maybe you knew a way to get it work (I've been wrong before) and that there was some "trick" to making it work in straight Flash, that's why I asked.

    Nobody was out for blood... holy paranoid delusions Batman

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    Thanks for the info everyone. Now that I can open pdf's from a projector, is there a way to add anchor points within that pdf so the user can jump straight to the info i want them to see without having to scroll around or make multiple pdfs?

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