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Thread: Fixed flash window size

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    Fixed flash window size

    Is it possible, using Flash, to create a projector with the flash movie being centered on the screen with a fixed size?

    Whenever I go fullscreen with the FS Command, the movie resizes as well. Can I create a projector with a black background, make it go fullscreen, then LoadMovie my content with a fixed size in the center on a new level?

    Any ideas.?


    (this was also in a post below, where I was getting suggestions on a cd-rom quote, although, no one has responded)

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    To stop the movie from resizing at fullscreen, you must also execute the ALLOWSCALE fscommand and set the value to false.

    Alternatively, download a copy of Flash Studio PRO v2 and you can have grater control over how your Projector should appear on the screen. I hope this helps!

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