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Thread: Changing the SWF size on output

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    Changing the SWF size on output

    Hey all, quick question...

    I'm outputting a Flash toon to SWF with the intent of importing it into Adobe After Effects (it can import SWF no problem) and then saving it out as a video so that I can put it on a DVD.

    So here's the problem: my movie size is 420 X 250. I want to bump this up to around 640 X 331 for outputting to NTSC video. The only problem is, After Effects does not allow vector resizing, so I lose a ton of quality if I blowup the 480 X 250 SWF movie within that program. So what I need to do is export the movie as a larger SWF file. But Flash doesn't seem to give me the option of changing my Movie size when exporting as SWF (even though it gives me this option when exporting as any video or image format). SWF files can of course be stretched vectorally, without losing any quality, so there should definitely be an easy way to do this. Anyone have a solution to making my movie have bigger dimensions when exporting as SWF?

    The easiset suggestion is to just output the movie as a series of bitmap images at my specified size, of course, but for some reason this alters the framerate when I take the image sequence into After Effects. If any one has a solution to that problem it would be just as helpful to me (I have the frame rate of my composition in After Effects set to 15 FPS, same as my cartoon, so I'm not sure what's wrong here...).

    Thanks for any help you can offer,

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    even though it gives me this option when exporting as any video or image format
    So why not export as a quicktime in the right format.

    If your movie is 15fps it will be twice as fast later as NTSC is 30 fps. ( 720x480 ).

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