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Thread: [Game] Rocket Boy - Finished!

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    lemontastic Bouncinglemon's Avatar
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    Jan 2001

    [Game] Rocket Boy - Finished!

    I've finally finished my latest game, aside from a few small mods, check it out and let me know what you think


    Left and Right Keys to control, hold the mouse to charge the rocket.

    The game has:
    -3 Worlds, 45 levels
    -Many Different types of tiles
    -Different modes of play
    -Unlockable bonuses
    -Highscore list
    -level editor (not online)

    I'd love to know what you think, let me know if you find any bugs etc. Things I'd particulary like to know are:

    What level you can get to

    Do you think the game needs sound? Or is it ok as it is? Im a bit worried about upping the filesize more, its already almost 500kb

    How do the fonts look? I'm not sure whether they will appear ok on all machines. If it looks crap let me know, is there any way I can have any font I want appearing in a dynamic text field?

    I'm unsure about how to do the lives in the game, at the moment you after you die 4 times its game over, but the problem is the later levels are crazily hard, with slippery tiles, collapsing tiles, pop-up spikes, etc. Generally I can't do them in less than a few goes unless I skip to that level. But maybe I should just leave it like that? How does it feel?

    Fill up the highscores please!

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    Optimist Prime StenFLASH's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    Pretty fun game with nice graphics

    My only recommendations are:

    To change the "Rocket Boost" from the left mouse button to the spacebar. I just found it odd to have to use the keyboard and the mouse just for its left button. The mouse should really only be used if its movement matters aswell. That may sound like a little thing but I think it's quite important.

    Make the vertical size of the pop-up window bigger. At the moment things are cut off at the bottom (like at the entering of the high score).

    Yes you should add sound! Sound is very important to the experience of enjoying a game. It adds an important layer to it all.

    I found the game waay too easy to begin with. I got to level 10 without losing a life but after that it does indeed get "crazy hard" because of all the spikes. I recommend adding a "damage" bar so rather than losing a life instantly, you instead lose some health. This makes things more forgiving for the player if they make a mistake in judging their boost.

    I hope all my comments help

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    Optimist Prime StenFLASH's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    I just played a second time and made it to level 12 before getting killed by those mid air mine things. I then noticed a bug with your High score system. I accidentally clicked the submit button a second time (about 2 seconds space between clicks) because I thought the first one didn't register.

    So, what I did then was play yet once more as 'bug test' and made sure I died on the second level. I then clicked the submit score button as many times as I could and sure enough, just as I thought, every click was registered and are now in the bottom of the high score until they're pushed out (they're only at a score of 80).

    I hope you don't mind but if someone gets an unbeatable score they could keep clicking and have the board filled with just their name.

    Have it so, after the submit button is clicked, it's no longer clickable. I could go into how but it's a simple enough thing to do. If you want me to though I could

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    lemontastic Bouncinglemon's Avatar
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    Jan 2001
    Thanks for your comments StenFLASH

    I've fixed the button but its late here now so I'm off to bed, I'll have a go at the others tommorrow and see what I can do

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    ********* mentuat's Avatar
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    out of office
    haven't had a chance to play it extensively but my first impressions were:

    nice presentation and graphics, the rocket flying past between levels is a great way to wipe a screen, the backgrounds do not interfere with the objects on screen and the wobbling of the rocket as you build power is a really nice touch!

    A couple of things that struck me though - I'm guessing your collision with the rings is centered around the boy and not the rocket but it seems a bit odd when the top of the rocket can pass through a ring without collecting it.

    when you turn around both on the ground and in the air, it's hard to judge precisely where you are as it flips the boy and rocket about; maybe a transition between the turns so you see the boy or rocket swinging around would make it easier to predict landings.

    it might be just as played it on a relatively slow computer, but even from the first time playing it I wanted the power bar to rise quicker as I spent most of the time looking in the corner watching the bar rise - if it feels slow now I can only imagine it feeling slower when you have played the game some more and are comfortable with the controls and gameplay, maybe speeding up the bar's movement and putting it near the boy so you don't have to look off screen and can judge the jump in the context of the surroundings more accurately

    good stuff!

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    thats a really good game, but i did find some errors:

    1) Sometimes when you walk off a ledge you dissapear and fall from the top of the screen. This is not good if you have spikes up there.
    2) On level 5 or 6 you die when you start. Incredibly annoying.

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    Jan 2004
    nice game

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    alternative coder murraymint's Avatar
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    Aug 2003

    I like this, reminds me of bombjack a little.

    I agree with mentuat, the gameplay is somewhat stuttered by the time taken to build power, and taking your eye of your little guy isn't very helpfull.

    May be the power bar should appear next to the guy, or rocket?

    I also experienced strange behavoiurs. A few times when I hit the roof, I got placed back at the start and other times I was thrown all about the place.

    The levels with the spikes were tricky, but once it became apparent that every level after would have spikes, i became a little bored. I think you should try and keep every level fresh and slightly different in its challenges.

    I also felt the movement of the character could be a little smoother. For example,: when you are travelling either left or right through the air, as soon as you take you finger of the key, the guy falls straight down. It would be nice if he continued to fall in the direction as well as down. Adding inertia would certainly make it a little more challenging but at the same time easier to judge landings.

    These are only niggles of course. Graphics are nice and with a bit more work on the level design this could be an addictive game.

    Some Games

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    Yes we can tomsamson's Avatar
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    Team Titan Secret Lair
    very nice game,i like it =)
    mentuat mentioned all points which i didn´t like,apart from these,its really sweet =)

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    the shire
    very cool

    "Let us be rid of it-- once and for all! Come on, Mr. Frodo. I can't carry it for you...but I can carry you."

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    lemontastic Bouncinglemon's Avatar
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    Jan 2001
    Wow thanks for all the comments guys I've made some changes based on them.

    I fixed the highscore bug you noticed, thanks for picking it up I'm ahead of you on the high scores now though On all the computers I've tested it on the pop-up window is big enough to show the whole game, does it cut off the bottom on yours? Im currently searching for a sound track to put in the game, havent found one yet though, let me know if you have any recommendations. I don't think I'll add a damage bar because I'd quite like to keep a bit more tension in the later levels of the game. nice suggestion though

    Some interesting ideas! I have now made it so you can collect rings with the top of your rocket, I've also placed a minature power bar next to the rocket when the boy is powering up, so you dont have to look at the corner of the screen. Although the turning snaps round in the air, the boy stays in the same position, I have thought about a turning animation, but I thought it might make landing a bit complicated if you were turning while landing, as the collision is only centered on the boy not the rocket. I did originally have the power bar faster than this, and I know it can be a bit frustrating on the early levels, I've had to play them a fair few times! However I had to slow it down because for the later levels its hard to judge how much power is needed accuratly if the bar speeds up fast. So speeding the bar up would make the earlier levels less frustrating, but the later levels at lot harder, so I had to compromise with this speed.

    Thank you for your comments

    thanks for pointing out that bug, I'm pretty sure I've tracked down the source and fixed it, so it should all run smoothly now. I hope!


    Thank you for your comments, I've made a mini power bar next to the rocket while charging, please see my comments for menutuat as to why the bar is the speed it is. Hopefully I should have fixed the repositioning gliches now, so it all should be working fine.

    To keep things interesting, I introduce a new tile every 5 levels after the first 10. So for example, after level 10 mid air spikes are introduced, then after level 15 the egyptian world, after level 20 pop-up spikes, level 25, collapsable tiles, etc. You can check out screenshots of some of the later levels here:


    I am hoping these teaser shots will be enough to keep players trying through the earlier levels and want to get to these special later levels, and this should (hopefully) keep the game interesting. Well thats my theory behind the level design anyway.

    Thank you! Hopefully I've managed to cover all of mentuats points.

    Thank you

    Any more comments would be welcome, the new version is avaliable at the same address

    If you use the password 'rocketrandom' then you can open the random levels option, which will pick a random level between 1 and 32 for you to play, it should give you a taster of some of the later levels

    Thanks again all Lemon

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    leight.com.au leight's Avatar
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    hey man, nice game u got there

    my highest score is no where near the top (leighton-1080). ah well, its a nice game to play. good graphics.

    the collision detection between the rocketboy and the rings (and platforms) isnt the best. it should be the rocket i think. but you may have made it that way on purpose so that u can get all rings in higher levels.

    nice game!!! time for bed: 12:14AM!!!

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