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Thread: naoneo.com relaunch, blatent plug

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    naoneo.com relaunch, blatent plug

    yey again with another design, 5th one this year -_-
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    Mr Snowman
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    hard to read

    For some reason IE 6.0 threw up a dialog box asking if I wanted to install Korean. I cancelled the request.

    I am using 1280 screen rez and I found it hard to read, the font being a tad too small, considering all the text one has to read. Also the black on dark grey text is hard to read

    I am on dial-up (56kb), the music took a full five minutes to download.
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    your site crashed internet explorer 6.0 on my system.
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    didn't crash mine D

    But entry was awkward. I don't believe that I have the skills to create that site, but it was not my taste either. The music sort of assaulted me when the page loaded and I was immediately looking for the sound off button.

    The pages seemed a little plain and I did not understand why you had the pics there with about %80 and then click to see whole thing. So close, why not go all the way. Not really a thumb nail, more of a clip.
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