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Thread: Anyone know of a great Printer for a smalls Graphics studio

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    Anyone know of a great Printer for a smalls Graphics studio

    Hey all I hope some one could help me out here. I'm in the process of starting a small Graphics studio down here in Miami, But I will need a decent press, Nothing huge like an indgio but something that can do small jobs like 500 business cards and can print 12x18 and it low cost and efficient. I will not run my whole business through it but will be worked pretty hard but can hold up on awsome quality. I'm looking to spend no more then 4 thousand on it. Help me out if you know what I'm looking for thanks.


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    are you talking about owning an offset printing press, or a laser printer, or even a dye sub (dye sublimation) printer?

    for business cards, I'd always suggest outsourcing for no other reason than I (personally) can not stand business cards from an inkjet. they smear, become unreadable after a while.

    I do like the four color process (like NoNeg Press) business cards.

    But overall, why not look at the Epson large format printers...

    didn't mean to ramble... oops.

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    Yeah i'm thinking of not buying ink jet I agree it looses the quailty after a little while I want heat treated ink on the paper. I'm thinking of the epson large format but do they offer those in a non ink jet format? Because that would be pretty much perfect if so. Are they expensive to maintain?

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