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Thread: [Beta] My second game ever. Very fun!

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    [Beta] My second game ever. Very fun!

    Here is the second game I have made in flash. The first was the same, but not random. After thinking a little, I relized how to make the numbers random.

    Read the instructions, and have fun!!

    PS: Please report any bugs that you find. Thanks!
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    the numbers seem to twitch a little. its like they're not certain what to chose, and then change for half a second or something. that makes it very hard to hit the right key. try fixing that, and the game will be a lot better.

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    Oh.. I know why that happends..happens

    The 2nd frame will chose either
    frame 2 (randomly chooses)
    frame 3 (number 1)
    frame 4 (redirects to frame 2)
    frame 5 (number 2)
    frame 6 (redirects to frame 2)
    frame 7 (number 3)
    frame 8 (redirects to frame 2)

    So.. if frame 2 takes you to either frame 4, 6, or 8 more than once in a row, the numbers will flicker..

    I can fix that, but I need to know how to randomize the "gotoAndPlay" code so it can go to 3 specific frames.

    For example, when frame 2 is triggered, I want it to go to either frame 3, 5, or 7. Is this possible? Thanks

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    this just a shot in the dark here but would :



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