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Thread: Heeelllllppppp!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm creating an software application using Flash, but I'd like to customize the Chrome key (Pop-up window that says Flash Macromedia. It also has a flash icon)

    How do I customize it to suit my application!



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    Hi, you can use a free utility called Resource Hacker which modifies the icon and removes the Title Bar entry (although the use of this tool is somewhat of a grey area concerning various infringements of the Macromedia Licence)

    Alternatively, download a copy of Flash Studio PRO v2 and you can modify and change every and any aspect of your projector with ease!

    I hope this helps!

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    There are numerous options. I like Flash Studio Pro from Multimedia {MDM}- a relatively cheap and simple all-in-one package but Flash Jestor/Jugglor can do this, as can products from Northcode, SWF studio etc etc.

    Do a search on this board.
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