Have a question that I hope that you can answer. I am using a set of movie clips and actionscript to make some images move. As of now there has to be a button for every section to move. I want to make it so that 1 button will make the pictures move. Any ideas on how to do it? Here is the example, www.southeasternsignworks.com Goto the portfolio section. There are 2 blocks with pictures. You click on the arrows to move them left and right. On the set at the bottom you have to click the circle to get the middle set of pictures. We want to eliminate the circle and use just the 2 arrows. The action script is set up so that the image width is 300 and then the buttons have the following actionscript:

on (release) {
setProperty ("/scroll1", _x, - Number(mw*2.23));

mw is the width. For every set of 3 pictures mw has to be multiplied by some number. Which means there has to be 1 button for every 3 images. Anyone know of a way to make it so that the same button will move the images the desired distance? Thanks.