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Thread: PDF from EXE w/ FScommand...won't work on a computer

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    PDF from EXE w/ FScommand...won't work on a computer


    I relize that many people have posted "How do I open a PDF from a EXE". I know the solution is

    In the projector file:

    on (release) {
    fscommand ("exec", "mypdf.bat");

    In the bat file I have

    @ echo off
    start menu.pdf

    This works on every computer I test it on except my clients? He obviously thinks something is wrong with the project because he can't open it. Any ideas why this might not work on his computer? Anyone know the limitations of this?


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    Can he view the PDF file just by double clicking on it? If not, he needs to install the Acrobat Reader. Obvious? yes, but it never hurts to check.

    If your clients machine has been "security hardened", the START.EXE file may have been removed to avoid potential exposure to some very easy to write malicious scripts. If that's the case, go to www.extendingflash.com and download a copy of my FREE utility called INVOKE.EXE, and try that instead of start in your BAT file.

    If you want to supply the Acrobat Reader installer and automatically check for it when the CD is inserted, you can try another FREE utility called ExtChk (documentation and examples in the ZIP file) to check for support for a file type before trying to open the actual file.
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    Another alternative is to use

    *********** JStart


    Download a FREE evaluation copy and try for yourself.

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