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Thread: How to make mc move?

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    How to make mc move?

    I have a movieclip that when you click a button I want to change x-position. For the life of me I can't figure out what is wrong.

    On frame 1 I am using:

    x=getProperty("circle", _x)

    to get the location of the circle. Then on a button I am using the script:

    on (press) {setProperty, x=_x + number(200)}

    It isn't working. Anyone know what the problem is or how I can make the circle move. I did some searching here and all I can find is how to make things move around randomly and with the mouse. I want this to be a button action and I only want it to move in the x plane.

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    Soory its off topic, MIG, but I sent you a couple PMs. Not trying to bug ya or anything, just didnt want ya to forget about me.

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