Currently i am using Flash MX 2004 Prof.

In my project i have a generic button i created by dragging the button component from the UI component list onto my workspace; very simple, drag and drop.
With the component button there is parameter called toggle which when true allows the button to act like a real world push button having the 2 states, being up or being pushed in. When in the pushed in state the button remains the default green untill clicked again where it goes back to being a white button with gray border.
What I am having the problem with is being able to control the state of that button through actionscript. For some reason I can't get to the button timeline by double clicking on this component button. I don't see anywhere I can tell what state this button is in. I need to be able to somehow store that state of the button as some sort of variable so that way I can control it through code from an outside source. When the *.swf is loaded the button is in its default state of what I consider up. I want this state to be stored in a variable. Now, with the button being in toggle mode,, I move my mouse over the button and click it which the button has now turned and remains green. This state is what I would consider to be down which I want to be now stored in that variable, the button is in escence push in. Now, if it is clicked again it goes back to being in the up state and is not green anymore.
My flash document is being ran from within a C++ program window so passing vaules to and from flash using C++ is not a problem because I have that already figured out and that is the way it has to be. This is the reason why i need to store the state of that button in a variable so that I can use the fscommand to pass and recieve this buttons state to and from C++ and from C++ toggle which state the button is in so the user can see if the button is pushed in or not.
I am using the generic component button because that is the type of button that is all over my project window right now of different sizes and shapes. If this can be done with this button, great, how!?! if it can/has to be done with a man made button or something similar how do I do that??? Thx!