I just recently got myself into a pretty large project where the client is asking for some seriously slick Flash animation and dynamics, based on a database on the server.

I'm curious to know if anyone out there knows of the BEST way that Flash MX (don't have 2004 yet, so bear with me) can communicate with a database without reloading the web page/Flash movie. I've delved into some XML based ideas, and in my mind I think I'll need to be using XML and a connectivity language, but I really want to find the best, most reliable (and easiest to use for development) language(s) to use for this project.

I'm not worried about learning anything new--this part I'm pretty good at by now.

I would figure a MySQL or MS-SQL based database would be best, since they are among the most stable (and we expect the database to become quite large eventually.)

So, any ideas or suggestions out there?

Thanx ahead of time.