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    I dont understand the whole jweb thing. What i need to download. DO i need juggler? And jweb instructions seem confusing i need help so bad. All i wan tis for the html to open in front of the full screen projector. I know on the website it says it can do it but i can not figure it out at all or have i found it out at all

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    Hi EagleGreen,

    No you don't need Jugglor just JWeb.

    Please download this example and see for yourself


    There are no unregistered popups here for JWEB.

    Also read the Help file

    Start -> Programs -> *********** -> Jtools -> JStart JWeb JEMail Help -> JTool Setting -> JWeb

    Now if you still cannot get it to work then send your sample files to support@***********.com and we will get it to work for you.

    Hope the above helps resolve your problem.

    It's very easy to use once you know how.

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