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Thread: Desktop davey

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    Desktop davey


    I would like to develop "Desktop davey" character similar to the one on the www. evertonfc.com site can anyone give me any pointer to whether I should be using flash or director to develop it or is there a cheaper alternative? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    full link
    Desktop davey

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    Hi Carouls,

    You can use Jugglor v2 which contains features that support creating Flash Desktop Characters for the PC.

    You can use the predefined desktop movements or actionscript to control the character.

    Take a look at


    Download the evaluation copy and see the samples that come with it.

    Peteco Desktop Toy

    Download it from our gallery

    Source files
    C:\Program Files\***********\Jugglor v2\Examples\Petz

    p.s Installation file was also created using Jugglor v2.

    Download it from our gallery

    Source fils
    C:\Program Files\***********\Jugglor v2\Examples\Slug

    The great thing is it uses all the features in Flash MX so you can use XML and GETURL command to get live information from the net.

    Try the above and let us know if you have any questions.

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    carolus, take a search around. you will find other solutions directly available to you via Flash and older questions. In some other instances, 3rd party tools were not even needed.
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