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Thread: newbie question- sending variables

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    newbie question- sending variables


    I'm developing a projector file for a psychology experiment and need the users' answers to eventually end up in an excel spreadsheet. I know about fscommand save function, but that just sends all variables into a messy line as a text file.

    I know that you can use PHP to send variables to a database online, but that is all. can you use this locally, i.e. have the projector, php script and some type of database file in a local directory on the hard drive? Can you use php with an exe? Could I use it if I kept the experiment as an swf file on the hard drive? (it will only be on one computer with flash).

    My final question is for the file that stores all the variables. Will it just be a text file? Could I send variables to an Access database, or could I send them straight to Excel? I'm just looking for the easiest route from Flash to Excel.

    All help is appreciated.

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    Using PHP with Projector files is possible sure it is.

    Now to create excel files you can use PHP to create them see




    Hope this helps.

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    alright, well i can't spend money on plugins. i got some ideas from the php script link, and i'm thinking i can export the vars to a text file, and then use php to convert it into a nice csv format, and delete the variables i don't need. then i can just import the csv into excel. is this possible? if so, i don't know where to begin.

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    Hi, download a copy of Flash Studio PRo v2 and you can connect directly to a local Access Database with FSCommands!

    There's a database example at http://www.multidmedia.com/software/...udio/downloads

    If the project is for personal use/non commercial use then you can use Flash Studio PRO for free. I hope this helps!

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