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Thread: Pixel fonts not working whatever i do (USING FLASH 5).

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    Pixel fonts not working whatever i do (USING FLASH 5).

    I know how i should be using a pixel font, but no matter how i try and use it, the thing never seems to work in a published movie or scene. It is a nightmate for me.

    I know it must sit at the 0 coordinates, must not be centered etc etc etc etc. But it makes no difference. And barr burning my apple mac, i just dont know what to do anymore. I am using Flash 5, and i know there were bugs that mean i cant use dymanic text with pixel fonts. But this shouldnt matter as static text will embed the pixel font regardless.

    Would someone look at this text .fla example and explain what in my settings/publishing is wrong. Any help would be great, i feel like i am cracking up now.... i just dunno what to do.

    For your info... i downloaded this example text from wwww.fontsfor Flash.com , and have followed their guide to the letter. It should be at 8 size.

    Thanks and please please help me....
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    Get specialized help in the new Fonts forum.


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    copied from general help to fonts

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