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Thread: Making a Flash Screensaver... NOT just building an EXE

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    Making a Flash Screensaver... NOT just building an EXE

    I've been looking at different screensaver creators, and all of the decent ones I've seen. They simply take an existing SWF and compile it into a Screensaver. I'm interested in making a screensaver, but getting some of the cooler image effects accomplished in Flash MX is kind of tough for me. Anyone know of a program that will automate this process? I'm looking to buy Screenweaver to build the screensaver, but what would be best to make the actual content? I have a few dozen images and would like to find a proggy that can give me a wide array of effects to add to them, and also export so I can edit in Flash and add text and my own doings (if this is possible?)

    anyone know of a program for that?


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    Hi, to create some cool effects with Text you should look at swish which is available at http://www.swishzone.com - there are other great apps which make image effects in your SWF without coding - take a look at the tools available at http://www.develotec.com/

    Also, for compiling Screensavers, download a copy of Flash Studio PRO v2 - it does everything screenweaver can do, plus more! It's also cheaper too

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    ALso try SWiSHstudio for making your screen saver. And SWiSHpix for doing an album of images as a swf file (with animations etc). Both at www.swishzone.com
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