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Thread: Open a text file, edit it, and save it.

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    Open a text file, edit it, and save it.

    What i need to do is make a seperate management page for the client.
    They want to edit their tour schedule. I'm using a guestbook principle right now. they can input their stuff, and it saves it to a text file and i can call it up with flash.

    but i need them to be able to erase and move things.

    how can i open up the text file for them to see and they can move or delete things and then save it?


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    it is an extension of the guestbook: show guestbook entries with links that
    - delete this item
    - move it 1 up
    - move it to top
    - move it 1 down
    - move it to bottom
    - load it into a text field for editing

    A concrete implementation depends heavily on how you have done the add item part (text file / data base)


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    i'm pretty new to this stuff. i wouldn't know where to start to add that stuff to my script for the guestbook.
    what i really want to do, is just open the text file in an swf maybe through variables, and save it again after they edit it.
    is that possible?

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    I have just mailed you a link to a demo using the interface I mentioned. It is in plain php rather than flash, because the entire admin section for that project is in php for faster programming and because it allows for file uploads. You could do a similar interface in flash in two ways:
    a) a big scrollable text box, with links inside; the links would use asfunction to make the required calls
    b) duplicating textfields and buttons for every entry, and placing them on a (probably scrollable) carrier movieclip.
    I believe that both approaches are better than presenting a single editable textbox, and retrieving data from it after the edit. (parsing a html textfield is perhaps the same amount of work, but you do not allow things like combining entries by accident in the first place)


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    wow, i checked that out. that was sweet. i'm not that advanced though. i was lost just looking at it.
    how could i make something like that? i know you are helping alot more advanced people. would it be possible to point me to a tutorial or something? my needs are way simpler.
    i'm pretty basic at this and the kids having me to do this are not paying enough for me to learn a new language.

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