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Thread: scrolling text AND images... how????

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    scrolling text AND images... how????

    I'm working on a website in which the content is
    completely dynamic; all the content comes from a
    content management system.

    I have a scrollpane and in there is a textfield
    with the autosize set to true so that when the
    text is bigger than the scrollpane you'll see the

    Now the client wants to have images in the
    textarea. I have tried to use the html IMG tag
    but the problem is that flash doesn't like to
    autosize the textfield properly when there are
    images in the textfield... It looks like the IMG
    tag support in html textfields is still a bit

    I also tried to use more than one textfield (one
    for each paragraph) with images as movieclips that
    are standing in between these fields.
    But because this construction is using a lot of
    attachMovies the scrollpane has a problem with
    refreshing itself.

    What is the best way to scroll a 'page' with text
    AND images in it, when all the content is
    dynamically loaded?

    This is so easy and standard in html.... how hard
    can it be in flash... ???????


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    Great question. Wondering the same thing myself
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    try this


    You might try setting up your text and graphics as symbols.
    Then convert the text to graphics (Cnrt-B, Cntrl-B, Cntrl-G) then use a scrollpane component.

    Although this example doesn't have graphics the text is justified by converting to graphic:
    literally just working on this.


    Hope this solves your problem.
    Tony Dickins
    Where there is a will - there is usually trouble!

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