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Thread: multi keypress' ??

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    multi keypress' ??

    I am trying to make a file that the user can press different keys and get different colour background.
    So far i have managed to do single letter keypress' i.e. press n to get a light blue background and b for a black background.

    But i would like to change the n to the letter bl for (blue) so when the user holds down keys b+l they would get that color.

    Is it possible to have two keys to press in a keypress?

    This is what i have entered into my movie clip so far.

    on (keyPress "n") {
    changeColor = new Color("change");
    changeColor.setRGB( 0x0066FF);
    on (keyPress "b") {
    changeColor = new Color("change");
    changeColor.setRGB( 0x000000);

    thanks for any help
    dan r
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