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Thread: Variable : from flash to php

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    Variable : from flash to php

    I'm trying to make flash tell my php index where the user clicked in the flash window.

    Situation : i got an intro in flash, from there, the user can choose the site he wants to go(he can click on a couple of buttons, each one redirects to a different site). The site he chooses is made in php(some items change from one site to another, but the index.php is the same), so I need to know which site the user chose while he was still in the flash part. I didn't lose too much people with those messy explanations I hope?!

    I got : myvalue= new LoadVars();
    myvalue.site = "theonesite";

    well, I got Flash 5, I think this won't work in that version, right? If it really doesn't work, is there any other way to go trough (else than suicide!!)


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    Just a suggestion but why dont you open something like index.php?site=SiteToOpen from flash, where SiteToOpen = one of you variables, and then you can just find out the site easily in php.

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    Thanks a lot! That's the way I finally decided to go (with getURL(index.php?...)...but I'm not pleased with the info shown in the adress bar, well I guess I'll come back to this problem someday!


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