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Thread: How-To Preload XML In Flash

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    How-To Preload XML In Flash

    I already know how-to use dynamic textfields with XML and a bit of actionscripting, but Ive never really found any good examples of how-to preload XML into Flash. I found 1 example so far on http://www.moock.org, but oddly it doesnt work properly, if anyone has example actionscripting or like have a .fla for this.
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    Sorry to answer youor question with a question, but how big is the XML file that you need to preload it? Unless it is the largest XML ever, I can't imagine that you'd be "improving" the user experience by adding some sort of animation for the XML load that will probably take longer to load than the XML itself.

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    I must be in the record books then.

    how-to preload XML
    Call your loading animation when you make the request, have a function to kill it in your onLoad function. getBytesLoaded and getBytesTotal are both listed for loadVars and XML, however, for a dynamically generated file (eg database from ASP or PHP) it is unlikely to work as few people can be bothered to set the file size header for the output. Therefore, it is best to build an animation that relies on getBytesLoaded rather than a percentage calculation.

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