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Thread: How to view MOVIES in Authoring mode?

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    Is there a way to view movies placed on the timeline without hitting Alt+Enter to TEST the movie?

    The problem is that i can't position them or see them play exactly when scrubbing the timeline...

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    Dude, this is the most unlikeable design flaw in the program. The best thing you can do is make it a symbol and it will play out as long as you have frames that will cover the time needed in the timeline that houses it. If the animation is 50 frames long and you have it placed in frame 5 your going to have to have 55 frames in that timeline. The only good thing is you can position you movie and when your done change the properties back to see it as a movie and put the instance name back in. regards, Bill

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    Thanks, Pope! Glad it wasn't the way i was nesting movies or some other user error..

    Thats a good tip about converting it to a symbol - after awhile, you forget what you are building, because you have all of these unviewable movies going on.. maybe Flash 5 will correct this..

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