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Thread: urgent help: movie depth (camera shutter effect)

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    urgent help: movie depth (camera shutter effect)

    urgent help!!!!!! movie depth
    this might sounds really crazy.

    ok, what i want to do is --

    I have 2 mcs, say mc1 and mc2.

    my question, i want to make some part of mc1 on top of mc2 while left part below it, which is really possible in reality. but so far i did not figure out any ways to do this.

    i don't want to use things like mask, because both mc1 and mc2 will be in scripted dynamic motion. the exact part of mc1 below mc2 will totally depends on users' mouse.

    Actually, i am trying to create a kind of effect just like camera shutter. if you notice you'll find those slices are just on top of one another.

    Hope i made myself clearly. a million thanks for your help. check out the attachement for a better idea.
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