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Thread: Orbiting Ball

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    Orbiting Ball

    Hi All,
    I would like to have a ball rotate around a graphic as a rollover, but I want it to look 3d with depth to the motion. Can anyone help?

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    ..3d is not a joke, and nobody will do the work for you. You will need to have some knowledge of what you are doing. Not only were you not specific about you want, you never said what program you are using, etc.

    It takes practice.....

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    You could do this using Flash tools.

    Make a ball in Flash, then put it on an elipse path, making it smaller as it moves around either the top or bottom of the elipse, then getting bigger as it comes around again.

    That will make it look like it is moving away, and then back towards you giving the illusion of 3D movement.

    Make the ball hide behind the graphic it is rotating around during the motion and it will look pretty good.

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    make a ball
    geometery, sphere
    now go to .... hiercky and go to affect pivit only and move it to a new cneter point (the pivot)
    k now for the deptch of field, if u have render programs ur on ur way but if not...
    go to render ->effects->add
    then go to dept of field :L
    this is for max ONLY <---
    should not be really hard to do unless u dont know what the hek ur doing

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