Dear Geeks,

I run a small Project Office in Alkmaar (near Amsterdam) in the Netherlands. I have some experience with PHP and work a lot with open source CMS and E-commerce. For a new project (not financed, if you'r looking for cash please don't read on) i'm looking for a Flash/MySQL/PHP solution. First i'll tell you my plan.

In Holland you've got a lot of coffeeshops, smartshops, growshops and headshops. Unfortanaly there isn't even one good overview of all the addresses. There is one site quit good, the only problem is that this guy is living in England and some of the info is so old (like back to 1997). There my company is working with all those shops (see i now have all the right information about the shops.

I realy would like to lead a project where we build a website special made for listing al those shops. Offcourse the queries will be:
searching on town, name, province, kind, etc. Further It has got to have a CMS behind it for quick updating. And further there has to be a mailing possibility to the mentioned shops if the info is still accurate.

As you can see i've got a clear view on how it should be, i have a lot of experience with Information Technology on the Managers site. I can lead the project an instruct on how to get a good infrastructure. But i cant programm that good in Actionscripting and MySQL and PHP to complete my plan.

Fair is Fair, on the end (i geuss after 1 year) there will be earned some money. We will give the shops the possibility to have a short presentations about there shop for a small donation. All the persons who work with me on the project will receive an equal part of the income according to there work.

The project from now on will be:
#1 invest who is interest in working on this project
#2 setting up the working enviroment
#3 creating a small message board for communication
#4 starting on diffreent areas: design, programming, structure. The last part i'll take care of.

Please respond to this subject or mail me at coffeeshop-project AT davido dot nl.


PS: sorry for my bad writing, you can see it aint my first language.