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Thread: XML dynamic movie - Apply mouseover effects!

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    XML dynamic movie - Apply mouseover effects!

    I have no Idea how to add a mouseover function to my dynamically called XML movie.

    Any ideas?

    Here is the problem:
    I have a great movie I have made dynamic... the menu is very similar to the ones that slide-up at www.frunder.com

    The effect I am trying to create is the mouseovereffect of each button, how the option fills with color.

    The problem is that the script is usually referenced by position...
    But now, because I am loading it into the movie via XML/Actionscript, it does not know where to find it.

    I have even tried the relative instead of absolute.

    So My questions are 2 fold:
    1) How do I do find the movie once loaded in via XML
    2) Is there a better way to do what I am trying? I just want a Fading mouseover effect.

    Here is my file... It contains the Everything...

    Any help would be awesome!!!!
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