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Thread: load movice clips

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    load movice clips


    so its been a while since ive used flash, and for the life of me i cant remember how to load movieclips.

    I have a movieclip called FC. It contains a button. When this button is pressed; i would like a movieclip (called FClogin) to load in the _root, but in a "container"(a blank movieclip with an instance name of "marker").

    please note this is not an external swf file, just a simple movieclip.

    would be grateful for any assistance.


    Thanks very much, keep smiling :-)

    Ben Audsley

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    on (release) { //on button release
    marker.loadMovie("FClogin.swf", "0"); //load movie into _root in marker mc

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    Thanks very much, keep smiling :-)

    Ben Audsley

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    Is not working....
    Have Flash 5

    on (rollOver) {
        tellTarget ("../button_info_movie") {
            gotoAndPlay (41);
    on (release) {
        unloadMovieNum (14);
        m1.loadMovie("guestbook.swf", "0");
    I created a new empty movie clip called guestentries

    Put an instance of guestentries name m1 onto the main flash page... still is not loading the swf up...
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