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Thread: XML loading on standalone projector problem

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    XML loading on standalone projector problem

    Sorry for crossposting but I am a bit desperate with this; you can find the original thread "projector not parsing XML" in the "Standalone & Applications" forum.

    I have created a standalone .exe movie using flash MX. The projector loads an xml file and parses it. Everything works fine on PCs with flash player already installed. However on a single PC that I tested it that has no player installed, the movie fails to load the xml, UNLESS I publish the projector under flash 5!!!

    Would anyone know why this is?
    Any workarounds?

    Thanks in advance and please forgive the crossposting...


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    My guess is that something is screwing up with the path information in your flash player. Eg your player is trying to load the xml from somewhere else.

    To see if this is the case the guys from sysinternals have a file monitoring utility that will let you see all the file activity on your machine (there will be lots):


    You can use this to find out what file is trying to be accessed.

    BTW when you do it you will not want any other apps open and you will want to make good use of the filter.


    Flash-XML FAQ

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