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Thread: Site check and some pointers

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    Site check and some pointers

    Sierra Mountain Webs
    This is my first attempt at flash other than tweening images and the occasional button. If there is anything anyone can point out that could improve it I would certainly appreciate it.
    Here are some things I know about and am trying to solve currently.

    1. When I change pages I get a white screen inside the monitor as the file loads. I want it to be charcoal (like a monitor). The background of the cell the swf is in is charcoal.
    2. I want the music to keep playing when going to new page. I assume I can put the pages into full page frames and put the music in the frameset. Any other ideas?
    3. On the home page, for instance, if you click the text before it has faded in it opens the movie with links to other pages. During this time both movies are running and they slow each other down significantly. They're running at 36 fps.


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    *section J6*

    I love the way u had a monitor as ur site displayer.

    um it seems that on each page its take a bit to long for everyone to apear.. mite wanna boost that a bit. and mite wanna give a lighter tone to the bg u put on the text, it stands our way to much

    but other then that ilove the idea!! good stuff amigo*

    sorry for spelling *from chile/south america hispanic :P i havent masterd english but im close :P

    *section J6*
    The art of one, is the work of a thousand.


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    Said a lot about the Sierra mountains - looks great. Have a look at some good typography. This site springs to mind ( I have no connection with it!): http://www.sonar.es/2004/eng/home.cfm
    If it ain't broke - break it!

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    Okay, I've got it somewhat to where I want it. The background music is in a frame so it keeps playing when I switch pages. I've got the screen to go to charcoal in between pages. I'll look into typography. I'm guessing that's fonts.
    I do have one more issue. The monitor is built into a table with the flash file in the center cell. As the page loads there is a hesitation after the entire top of the monitor has loaded while the flash file loads before the bottom of the monitor loads. I want the whole table to load first and then have whatever pause is necessary.
    Any ideas?

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    -Why loading flash with htm buttons?
    -Can't you just make averything in flash, so you don't have the feeling like the hole site is craching in to parts.
    -A Stop Button for the music, let it load into flash, not external with htm coding.
    +I like the monitor design.
    -Every load like the button's, or samples, its loaded verry slow, if you click a button their ar some rules.
    1.If takes long, place a preloader. (not on you site)
    2.If you press a button it may not take longer than 2sec, onless theirs a verry nice animation on it, but then still its not user friendly.
    3.If you have only button's in htm, don't let it load flash, bicause you get flashes.

    Hope your something with the info.

    Toi Toi

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    Thanks KDNetwork,
    Now the monitor and all buttons are in Flash. The music is in Flash but I haven't got round to the button for that yet.

    How can I get the different movies (samples, options, etc) to go faster? Everything is at 36 fps and the movies are under 36 frames, but it's taking 2-5 seconds for them to run. In most cases it is just the one movie running at a time. For an example, here is the drop down window on the flash page by itself (at the intended speed). click here

    its late and my eyes are bleeding.
    Good night.

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    Nice page, my good man. I like the idea of being in a monitor. A couple of things thought:

    -Contact button doesn't work.
    -Background music gets annoying after a while.
    -Background images dont flow with the site. (something more cg would look neater).

    Hopefully that helps,

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    I've fixed the speed problem. I have a button to turn off the music. I've pretty much got everything where I want it.
    I will be changing the contact button so it goes to a form on the monitor (probably with a command prompt look) but first I must learn about forms. For now email will have to do.
    I would like to have the nav buttons stay lit (green) for the file presently on the monitor. I can learn the hard way but somebody pls tell me if it's just something simple like a button state.

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    To do what you're asking you have to go into some advanced buttons using actionscripting and states . Run a search on the tutorials at FK and i think there's a pretty nice 'advanced button' tutorial. If not, just re-post and I'll do my best to explain it to you.

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    I couldn't find anything there (at least that I understood), but I think I have somewhat workable solution. I just changed the navbar into 4 different movies which load each other upon release.

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    Sounds like a good plan. Nice work.

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