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Thread: Windows skin & theme overview ... for the many interested

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    Windows skin & theme overview ... for the many interested

    Alright, since too many now have asked me now how I modded my windows and shell, I thought I'd be due for a little write up and review on the many windows skinning apps and good skins.


    WindowsBlinds vs. StyleXP
    Both have different skins and different abilities. WB allows a lot more freedom as far as modification goes. You can change the position of the minimization/restore buttons, change them, delete them etc while StyleXP only allows change of the graphic you're clicking on. StyleXP also takes up less resources, has more good themes, and is the app I recommend.

    Style XP

    YzDock is by far, no question about it, the best. The problem about it though, is that mr. Yamaguchi, the creator got sued by apple and the program is no longer legal. However, it can still be found at betanews, or at least was there when I downloaded it.

    There's also other applications like objectDock and mobyDock, but I've tried them both, and thought they sucked. Maybe you can try them yourself, see what you think.

    Rainlendar is a calendar program that also lets you record daily tasks. Very useful and beautiful. There are two good skins for it I found: Moderna and Shadow3.

    YzToolbar and YzShadow
    the toolbar is a nice app that lets you customize the icons in your explorer, even take out the windows icon. There are some nice themes for it, best one to go, as mentioned, smoke.
    YzShadow is another tool by mr Yamaguchi. This one lets you put a shadow around your window. You can adjust the position and color.

    Skins, Themes & Icons

    Now, one that is very popular right now is a skin called GANT. Looks great on a dock or desktop. I also use another skin, Orbital, which is also referred to as smoke(you can also get them for your firefox and thunderbird!).

    StyleXP themes
    I've been hunting these for a while. I have many, but GuiPod, Milk2, Tetra, and Good Grey are especially good. Google them, you should find a link on deviantArt.
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