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Thread: Looking for a good setting for Flash Optimizer

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    Looking for a good setting for Flash Optimizer


    I am using Flash Optimizer to try make my swf's smaller of the site I did design, I am days looking for a good setting but noting makes it really useful. Pls help I want to compress it to the max without losing to much Quality. The site can be seen here: http://www.faceoftomorrow.com.

    The files are now arond 1.7 MB

    Pls help me out...

    Greetings Jack

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    heya, interesting site

    optimizer works best when working with lots of animations and only has an effect on vector images, your site didn't have much that would benifit from it. I'm not sure what's making your site so big though? Are you optimizing (in a graphic editor) your images before bringing them into flash? Like the export to web feature in Photoshop or something similar? If not it will make a HUGE difference on your end file size.

    hope that helps a bit.
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