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Thread: I have to take a Photoshop skills test for a Job—has anyone done this?

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    take a print and electronic (CD-ROM) portfolio for the last one.

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    Hello everyone I took the PhotoShop test today WOW (the place is really cool)—The test consisted of a image of two children with a purple background. I had to put the image of the two children onto a green background supplied by the company and color correct the skin—take out the red—reshape a bow in one of the children's hair—they wanted me to add shape to the skin—the hair was impossible to mask out (any suggestion on what I should of done) I just reshaped the hair. It was tough to do it all in 2 hours. well thanks everyone for all of your help and support— I will let you know if I got the JOB by next week— I don't think I will though

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    "heh, ya know there was retouching before photoshop. I made a point of learning the processes such as dodgeing and burning in a darkroom so I could understand better what adobe intended."

    Once upon a time, and a long, long time ago, I started out as a photogravure retoucher, retouching 4 colour film separations. I'd do things like putting in the gravel foreground on pictures for a book of steam engines, and once the faces of a whole family group that was blurred and lacked contrast. If you removed the emulsion from an area we used cyanide to remove the grey stain left. As an apprentice it was my job to mix up the cyanide. I learnt all about colour, though, and it gave me a good grounding for a life (?) in print. Now I sit at home and do in 10 seconds what took hours back then. And no cyanide. Just plenty of red wine.
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